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 Reportedly there has been 18 innocent Children's lives lost to a Window Blind Cord strangulation in Australia since 2000 and hundreds more around the world.

Please secure your window blind cords today.

Necessity is the mother of invention!

Due to consumer requests, the (Larger) Cord Aid device has now been redesigned to also accommodate roller blinds chains/cords as well, this is due to the fact that alot of concerned parents have told us that they have roller blinds installed on their bay windows with no structure to screw in a safety device to be able to secure their looped cords/chains.


  (The excuses from customers for not wanting to have cleats installed on their walls were, "i don't have any children" or "my kids have grown up".)

My immediate concern and opinion at the time was that this was going to be to the detriment of the next child's life moving into that property in the future by not having cleats installed and this is why i came up with the invention of the Cord Aid device.

What i envisaged back in January 2011 was that, although the Mandatory CIWC standard of 2010 had the best of intentions, the standard was forcing consumers to do something that they didn't want to do in their own homes and subsequently i believed that the CIWC standard was going to fall short of its objectives.

The Australian mandatory CIWC standard of 2010

The revised Australian mandatory CIWC standard of 2014

 With great frustration and sadness we need to outline the facts below to prove more awareness and action needs to be taken, as of the 9th of march 2014 there was reportedly another tragic accidental window blind cord strangulation in  NSW.

This preventable accident brings the toll to 6 reported window blind cord strangulation's in Australia since July of 2011.




I need to clarify the Quote that was made in the above right editorial.
What i said was "the Cordaid device can be used on 90% of blinds", not cleats cant be used on 90% of blinds.
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 Cord Aid comes in two retro fitted sizes and can be used on to secure the cords/chains of

Roller Blinds with looped cords/chains, Curtain cords, Bamboo, Roman and Venetian blind cords that have tassel's/beads attached on the end of the cords.

NOT able to be used on Vertical blinds








Prior to July 2011 cords


Mr John Williamson from 'PARENTS FOR WINDOW BLIND SAFETY' who recently lost his grand-daughter to a looped blind cord accident stated to me after visiting my home in Perth back in 2011. "All internal window blinds with cords that can cause a strangulation hazard should be removed and phased out from households asap but unfortunately it wont happen over night, but for now after seeing this retro fitted device, i believe that this device is an effective and pragmatic solution in your home to keep internal blinds cords away from your loved ones". To find out more about Mr Williamson's cause please visit www .abc /local/audio/2011/03/30/3177979.htm .


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Please do not purchase the Cordaid device if you cannot install the device above 1.6m from the ground, for example if the window blind it self is installed below the height of 1.6m from the ground.

We are proud to state that as from the 01/03/2012 of this website being published to the present day, there have been no refunds asked for or complaints made against the functionality and practicality of the Cord Aid device.


(Granted patent design application number 345627 (12631/2012)